Natural petal confetti and eco wedding favours

My natural, biodegradable confetti and unique eco wedding favours came from my love of all things floral and green. Each item is designed not only to be beautiful for you and your guests but also to be kind to our planet.

Natural biodegradable petal confetti 

Natural biodegradable petal confetti 

Personalised individual pouches

Personalised individual pouches

This beautiful naturally dried confetti is made from real flowers including lavender, cornflower, marigold and dark red rose petals. It is fully biodegradable and also naturally fragranced so it smells amazing!

The confetti can be provided by the litre in a fully biodegradable Kraft paper bag. Or you can choose to receive your confetti in individual personalised packetswith your names and date.

Different flower petals are available on request.

Plantable seed paper favours

These are the ultimate in green wedding favours! A planatable seed paper heart containing British wildflowers, mounted on recycled card. These unique favours are something your guests can really treasure and you can be happy knowing you are helping the environment, the birds and the bees!

The plantable seed paper heart is mounted on a 69mm x 95 mm card, with your chosen design personalised with your names and date. 

The seed paper contains British wildlower seeds including Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Snapweed, Black Medick, Common Vetch, Meadow Buttercup, Musk Mallow, Ox-eye Daisy, Ribwort Plantain, Red Campion, Self Heal, White Campion, Yarrow, Browntop Bent, Red Fescue, Crested Dogstail, Meadow Fescue and Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass

The instructions for planting are on the reverse of each card

There are currently six different designs to choose from all of which can be seen in my Etsy shop here